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Monday, October 18, 2010

Charly's First

Charly is 17 years old, she has been living in what looks like a home for runaways teens for a week now. She has been told that this place is not what it seems to be. In fact it is a Feeder House. A Feeder House is where vampires come to get their next little play thing, their next source of blood. These humans, male and female alike, are given some training and prepared for a life of servitude living among the vampires. They must attend to their owners every need. The laws of the vampire say that love between a vampire and a human is forbidden. Of course any physical pleasure or thirst sating need is completely of the norm.
Charly is is getting ready to meet her first vampires. She has been shown very little because she is to new to be chosen anyway. She only knows to be on her best behavior and do anything that is asked of her.
She must not speak unless spoken to and only answer what is asked of her then.
"I'm still not sure I believe in this whole vampire thing." Charly sighed very loudly. "I mean come on are you serious? Are you sure this isn't just a whore house?" She laughed.
Beth answered with very serious words. "Listen to me Charly, this is real. You are going to be in a room full of vicious blood sucking vampires who will be looking at you like your dinner, or desert, which ever he so desire." Beth paused trying to get her words strait before she continued. "You have to be on your toes, but be nice. No matter what happens please remember to not speak unless spoken to and be polite as possible when you do speak."
Charly considered this for a moment but before she could ask her next question they heard the door bell ring. The next thing she knew were lining up to be presented to the vampires.
"Ok now I'm starting to get a little scared Beth." Charly whispered out of the side of her mouth.
"Shhhh, please don't talk we'll get in trouble!" Beth frantically replied.
Charly didn't know what else to do but stand there and hold her head high. She wasn't going to let the vampires know that she was scared. If living in foster homes and on the streets throughout her child hood had taught her anything its that you never show weakness when confronted by danger.
The vampires filed in laughing and joking until they caught sight of the luscious looking humans spread out before them.
"Mmmmm I can feel the heat coming from their bodies from here." A very handsome and very dangerous looking male vamp said, with a hint of a smirk o his face.
"Now, now Kindle lets not scare the poor things, it looks like we have some new blood tonight." Remarked a beautiful blond female.
"I am finally old enough to get my own to keep this time, so I think I am entitled to a little happy , fun."
Kindle laughed as he walked down the line of humans in front of him. He stopped when he got to the last one, the newest blood here.
"My my this one is fresh, I cant smell any venom on her. That means shes never been tasted. I think I may like to be the first to taste you my lovely little flower." Kindle purred at Charly as he ran his fingers down her neck.
Charly shivered with repulsion at his touch, all she could think of was how this bastard had no right to touch her, and he definitely wasn't going to bite her. Not if she had anything to say about it.
"Leave her alone Kindle she is probably scared out of her mind." Came a voice so soft and smooth it grabbed Charly's attention and made her snap her glaring gaze away from Kindle to see where it came from.
Her mind was reeling because he was gorgeous, nothing like the rest of these vamps. They were all good looking but something about this guy seemed softer.
"Whatever, Evan. You know you want to taste the new blood." Kindle remarked as he winked at Charly and walked back to the rest of the vampires.
They all mingled after that, and many broke off to separate rooms of the house to talk. Many decided to do more than talk. Others just got down to business, blood business. It looked like they were making out but Charly knew better.
Charly was standing there in the far corner hoping she wouldn't get picked. The other girls and boys there had told her that she probably would see some attention but no one would pick her to take home. Charly was hoping to not have any more attention than she already had from that Kindle guy.
Evan saw kindle making his way to Charly and cut him off.
"Your right Kindle I do want a taste of the new blood. So you will just have to wait till the next new one comes along." Evan gave Kindle a warning show of teeth then turned to address Charly.
"Sorry about him, he can be an ass when he wants. I'm Evan, whats your name?" Evan smiled so wide that Charly could see his fangs. Surprisingly she wasn't scared. Something about him.
"My name is Charly. Thank you Evan for stepping in and not letting that gross Kindle touch me again. And thanks for saving me earlier to." Charly sighed in great relief.
"Don't mention it. I just figured you were scared , but then I saw the look in your eyes and I think it was Kindle I was saving. You looked like you were going to rip his had off for touching you." Evan chuckled.
"Well I don't like to be touched without my permission." Charly said letting down some of her guard.
"Well Charly tell me about your self." Evan asked sweetly.
After about 30 minutes of talking and getting to know each other. Evan had a look on his face that startled Charly. She was surprised at how his face went from smiling and happy to so serious so quickly.
"Charly, if I don't bite you Kindle and more like him will still want to. If I do bite you, they may still want your blood but it wont be in such demand. The pure freshness will be gone once my venom is in your veins." Evan explained as sweetly as he could.
"I never thought I would say this, but Evan you have my permission to drink my blood. I can see by the look in your eyes and he way you have been fidgeting that you need to drink. So it helps us both." Charly said as she leaned her head to one side and brushed back her long auburn hair.
Evan was careful not to move to fast and startle her.He moved slowly and sank his fangs into her throat as gently as he could. He drank slowly at first but he could feel the need growing for more, he became more engulfed in his feeding as if he were making love. He was passionate about the way he held her. It was a lovers embrace.
Charly sighed, she didn't expect it to feel like this. So enticing, so alluring,and most of all so pleasurable
But how could she know what to expect, after all it was her first time.