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Monday, February 14, 2011

The Lonely Vampire

Lonely Vampire

Its lonely out here in this cold stupid world.
but I cannot have company in my misery.
I am the last of my kind, a blood sucking girl.
but I cannot have company in my misery.

Every companion I make to keep me sane.
because I cannot have company in my misery.
ends up like the rest just getting slain.
because I cannot have company in my misery.

One day I will find someone to love.
cause I cannot stand my misery.
and hold them close as fragile as a dove.
cause I cannot stand my misery.

If I could turn back time i would erase it all
for I cannot live with my misery....

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Broken, Story of Drake Gideon Chapter Three

Its 7:36am when we finally get our luggage off the turn belt and walk out of the airport. We hurry to get a cab and get out of the sun.

"I’m so ready to crash this, sun is draining me pretty bad.” Byron moans and groans like a little baby.

 “Awww the poor little baby. You want some sun block to protect your pretty little baby face?” Yeah that was funny. Leander is snickering so hard he is shaking the seat of the cab.

What I cant say is that the sun is probably draining me a whole lot worse than it is him. I’ve always been stronger, than any other vampires I’ve come across. I have also always needed to feed more often than any others. I have the gift of my sweet breath, I’m not aware of any other vampires with such a gift. But another down is the sun, it affects us all but it weakens me more, and faster. I cant stay in the sun for more than a couple hours a day. Most can go all day if they really wanted to and just be very drained and exhausted by the end of the day. I would be dead a whole day.

At least that’s how it feels , I cant be sure because it is so uncomfortable that I have only pushed it to test one and a half hour. After that day it took me 24 hours and several humans to regain full strength. So I assume a full day would probably kill me. Hope I never have to test that theory.

 Another reason we don’t go out in the sun much is our eyes. They have these little red flecks in them from so much blood consumption over the years and the sun reflects off the red making them shine. So mine get pretty freakin bright, but a newbie like Leander wouldn’t be as bright, he hasn’t consumed nearly as much blood as I. We are naturally nocturnal anyway so the sun is bright on our eyes. Because we don’t go out in it very often and because we are technically dead, or undead.

Our skin is so pale it would really be noticeable. The night is the solution. Its not visible at night or in artificial light, but in the sun our eyes shine brightly with the red flecks. My eyes are dark emerald green and with the red flecks shining I look miraculous. The soft weak little humans would notice this and we would hate to scare off our prey. Plus it would start a panic among the humans, they simply couldn’t handle it. So the night just works best on so many levels, plus I love the night . Its home.

Finally we arrive at the hotel and check in. I am so ready for some sleep. Yes vampires do sleep. We have to as much as humans, maybe even more if we’ve been in the sun any and need extra rest. We are on a two day lay over in the south while we wait to catch a plane to our destination of VEGAS! Yeah Vegas is where we decided to go and do some gambling and have a little fun. Cut loose. Hey vampires have to have a vacation to. So while we rest the humans out side go about their business in the sun so unaware of he monsters only 6 floors up. Just wait till dark. I’m already hungry, and I cant wait to scout the new hunting grounds.

At dusk we wake and I am starving. As I kicked Byron in the side of the hip, “Up and at em dip shit! Time to put on your pretty face.” I love tormenting him. “I swear you could sleep through a hurricane Lee. Hello! Wake up!” I rolled him off of the half bed onto the floor. He hit with a thud and I swear he bounced two inches.

 ( laughing) “Oooo that’s freakin hilarious!” Leander starts to rant and rave till he looks up and sees me standing over him. “O, hey Drake. Sorry I was pretty wiped dude.”
“What the hell man?”
 Byron wines. “ I mean were in the south right? (in a mock southern draw) ain’t they got some ho downs or something?”
“Lets find some action in this dinky little city.”

We take off into the city and keep to the shadows as much as possible. Less noticeable and we have to watch our backs. We’re on someone else’s territory. No doubt someone has claimed this city as their hunting grounds.

 “Stick together and keep your eyes peeled. We are gonna be severely out numbered here. Lets just hope they are willing to share for a few days.” I am the designated leader of our little clan. For good reason I’m the oldest, most experienced by far. So what I say is for all of our benefit.

Byron teased.
“The almighty Drake! What’s the matter Drakey I thought you could take on a whole army by yourself?

I will deal with you later, we have company.” I cautioned. “You pompous ass! (snarling under my breath).”

Both turned their heads instantly looking the same direction I was . Ok time to lead and insure our safe stay in the city. I must also get permission to hunt here. A tall , burly looking man , stepped out of the shadows.

 “Explain your selves, quickly. I have no time for this."

Friday, October 22, 2010

Broken, Story of Drake Gideon Chapter Two

I feel my need growing , I’m thirsty. Its time to work my substantial seductive magic on a helpless victim. I grin in spite of myself, cause I love the thrill of seducing my prey, the hunt, the blood and the kill. I was born for it, literally. “I believe its time to have a little fun boys. I m very hungry and that flight attendant looks good enough to eat.” I turn and fix my sizzling stare on the blonde stewardess.
“Excuse me…miss?”
I see Byron go after a pretty young brunette sitting in the back by her self as I m being pulled into the air plane restroom. My little blonde stewardess can barley contain herself as we shut the door behind us. Women are so easily seduced. Who am I to judge though, after all I am a sexy fiend! I have to say a restroom isn’t my usual place to eat but theirs not many choices on a plane so I can deal, just this once. She grabs me by my belt loop and pulls me close to her. The little skirt she wears as a part of the uniform leaves a lot of easy access. I could have ripped the whole thing off with my teeth before she had time to gasp. I like to play with my food first though. So I sat her on the sink and ripped open the front of her blouse. She moans with pleasure as my hands brush her hair off of her shoulder exposing her neck fully. I breath my delicious breath on her parted lips as I softly kiss her.
Its tantalizing and she can hardly control herself. She wants me more than her next breath, she cant resist my allure. It gives me power over her, she will bend to my every will. My every wish. It’s a very empowering thing, and I revel in it. To have any woman literally swoon at the sent or touch of my breath. That and my killer good look (to die for), how the hell does any woman stand a chance? (laughing in my mind) They don’t. As my irresistible breath washes over her she starts to tremble. She is so overwhelmed with pleasure and desire, she can hardly stand. Her knees begin to buckle underneath her. I catch her as her legs completely give way. In one fluid motion, I pick her up and set her on the sink. I m ready to satisfy my thirst now. She will feel some pain, mostly for the human its pure sexual bliss to be fed upon by a vampire. As a vampire who has killed thousands with my insatiable thirst I can tell you its not the same for the hunter as it is for the prey. Yes I do enjoy my meals very much but its only so delicious because it soothes the thirst. It is a very release from the torture of being thirsty. Its bliss in its on way.
I sink my fangs in her throat just below her ear and a little toward the back of her neck. Just the perfect spot for a good hold, and a good drink. “Ahh…..uuh!” My little prey gasps as my extremely sharp fangs break through the skin and sink into the soft tissue and muscles of her throat. It always makes a little “pop” when it punctures through. Music to my ears. “Mmmmm.” I cant help the low rumble that’s escaping me. Te bitter sweetness of warm , thick , delicious goodness. It fills my mouth and slides down my throat and is gloriously soothing! Its like putting out a raging inferno. I take larger gulps as my thirst is strong and it takes a large quantity to relieve me. “O…my…o!” The girl is loving every second, and with each second her life is running out. “Ahhh.” She can’t even hold her head up now. She is slowly dying, as I drain her life away.
It’s very rare that I can stop myself before killing my helpless prey. Good thing I don’t really care anyway. I only leave one alive when it is necessary, to keep my existence concealed. Discreetness is the only reason I even try to leave one alive. Unfortunately for this little blonde, we are about to land soon and I will be long gone before anyone finds her body and my fang wounds will heal and disappear just as quickly. I can feel her slipping away. She clings to me helplessly and soundlessly now. She hasn’t the strength to even cry out even if she wanted to. Just a few more seconds and her life will be over. A small numbered amount of beats and her heart will stop.
I am already thinking of my next meal wondering if I will find a good red head in the U.S. to seduce. Their my favorite, I think its because their usually feisty. “AHHHHHHHH!!! Shit, what the hell?!” I instantly drop the girl and she slumps down into the corner still on the sink. My heart feels like it has been staked. I don’t see anything, no stab wound nor is their anyone in the restroom with us who could have done anything to me. “What’s wrong with me?” I can only think of one time I’ve felt anything like this, but that was so long ago how could I feel that pain now? Pain isn’t something that concerns me, We vamps don’t feel much pain. Unless it is a stake or a head or limb cut off. That we can feel. This isn’t right , something’s going on. “I’m going crazy. I cant be feeling pain. I have no soul.” I look down at the girl , she is still breathing. With that thought the pain slowly starts fading. Its gone, just as quickly as it came. I think I’m losing it. Leaving me to ponder, WTF?
I take a look in the mirror just to be sure their isn’t a freakin stake in my chest. Nope, just me and my open shirt showing my seriously sculpted pecks, and beautiful flat stomach. No 6 pack or major ripples. I prefer to keep it natural looking. My many female vamp friends over the years have complimented me on not looking like a muscle bound meat head. I aim to please. My jeans are still on, she couldn’t unbutton them, once my breath touched her neck she was like jelly. But my shirt is all untucked and unbuttoned. “Damnit! My favorite shirt. It will take forever to find another that goes so well with my emerald green eyes.” Seriously, you would think it would be easy to find good clothing for me. I’m average height, 5’ 10” and medium build. But I am also very picky. It isn’t easy being this sexy. Even in times of ciaos I can appreciate the beauty of me.
I fix my gorgeous auburn hair and tuck in my shirt even though all the buttons are torn off. It still looks a little less suspicious. Hope my smoking hot chest don’t kill anyone on the way back to my seat. I wouldn’t want to waste any perfectly good food. I give my self a sly grin in the mirror and pick up the girl and set her on the toilet. She slumps in the corner, and I slip out, lock the door behind me, and stroll back to my seat. Feeling less thirsty but not quite full. I know it wont last to long, then I will have to feed again, and again. Still…..I cant shake he feeling I had in the restroom. Like someone was driving something through my heart. It has unnerved me, to feel pain like that, but I will tell no one it’s a weakness and Byron wouldn’t think twice about using it to his advantage. So I push it down deep and forget about it. As I take my seat I see the “Please fasten seatbelts” sign. Finally we are going to land in he U.S. I hope Southern folk are friendly. (laughing)
“I like airplane meals, I don’t know why people always complain about it. How bout you boys?”
We start filing off the plane and I pass the little girl. She was watching the flight attendants look around like they lost something. Oops, probably a coworker. I give the little girl a wink and a wide gallant smile. I can’t believe my eyes when she gives me a look like I stole her last cookie and starts toward me at a run. I almost turn and bolt myself. What the hell is she doing! Crazy kid! She grabs my leg in a big hug and squeezes tight. WTF do I do? I’m dumbfounded. In all my many, many years I have never not known what to do. All I can think is to throw my hands in the air and ask her what she is doing? “whoa! What are you doing kid? A little help here?” I look around for help, hoping her mother will see and come to my rescue. I don’t like this the girl should be afraid of me not hugging me. Hell I don’t need anyone thinking I’m trying to take off with a kid. That would be way to much attention for my liking.
“That little girl is freakin strange!”
I remark to Lee and Byron after the mom has successfully pried the little girl off my shin. “Maybe its your animal magnetism Drake , your irresistible remember?” Byron’s smart ass is on my last nerves now, that’s strike 1. At three I will make him wish he was a human so he could at least die to get the pain over. Leander is hiding his face so I cant see him chuckle at the smart remark. Like I cant hear him. (Rolling my eyes at Lee) “ You’ll pay for that you sarcastic son of a bitch!” I honestly cant wait to put my foot up his ass!
I know they did the same, only their victims are for sure dead. Mine should be. No matter, she won’t remember anything anyway. Maybe I can finish my little meal on our return flight if we decide to return. “Mine was very juicy for a older woman, like fine wine their better with a little age on them.” Byron said “I think I prefer my meals on the ground, it just settles better.” Leander said with a rather somber look on his face. “Geeez Lee you look pale even for a vampire (laughing) don’t tell me you have motion sickness. Is that even possible?” I cant help but chuckle at him I have never met another vampire like him. He is so fragile, in a innocent kind of way (as innocent as a vampire can be).
I rise up out of my seat and at the same instant, move smoothly over to her and brush my hand down her arm. “I’m extremely satisfied with the service I have received on this flight. But I would like to speak to you in private if that’s ok.” As I say the last few words I lean in and bring my face close to her ear and neck. I breath my cool sweet breath on her skin and she shivers with a sigh of pleasure. My breath is an enticing weapon, when used on women they crumble at my feet. One breath on their bare skin and all they can think about is me, and how they have to be closer to me. “Follow me, I know somewhere we can be alone.” She says breathlessly, as she pulls me along the plane heading toward the rear. I glance behind me and wink at Lee and he just smiles and shakes his head. He looks up to me the poor little shit. I guess that’s part of the reason me and Byron don’t get along well. Leander sees how insatiable I am, how powerful and commanding. He wants to be that to. So Byron is jealous of that, he wants his little brother to look up to him instead. I cant say that I blame him for being jealous, I am hard to compete with, looks , suaveness, and a master killer. Who wouldn’t wanna be like me instead of Byron?

Monday, October 18, 2010

Charly's First

Charly is 17 years old, she has been living in what looks like a home for runaways teens for a week now. She has been told that this place is not what it seems to be. In fact it is a Feeder House. A Feeder House is where vampires come to get their next little play thing, their next source of blood. These humans, male and female alike, are given some training and prepared for a life of servitude living among the vampires. They must attend to their owners every need. The laws of the vampire say that love between a vampire and a human is forbidden. Of course any physical pleasure or thirst sating need is completely of the norm.
Charly is is getting ready to meet her first vampires. She has been shown very little because she is to new to be chosen anyway. She only knows to be on her best behavior and do anything that is asked of her.
She must not speak unless spoken to and only answer what is asked of her then.
"I'm still not sure I believe in this whole vampire thing." Charly sighed very loudly. "I mean come on are you serious? Are you sure this isn't just a whore house?" She laughed.
Beth answered with very serious words. "Listen to me Charly, this is real. You are going to be in a room full of vicious blood sucking vampires who will be looking at you like your dinner, or desert, which ever he so desire." Beth paused trying to get her words strait before she continued. "You have to be on your toes, but be nice. No matter what happens please remember to not speak unless spoken to and be polite as possible when you do speak."
Charly considered this for a moment but before she could ask her next question they heard the door bell ring. The next thing she knew were lining up to be presented to the vampires.
"Ok now I'm starting to get a little scared Beth." Charly whispered out of the side of her mouth.
"Shhhh, please don't talk we'll get in trouble!" Beth frantically replied.
Charly didn't know what else to do but stand there and hold her head high. She wasn't going to let the vampires know that she was scared. If living in foster homes and on the streets throughout her child hood had taught her anything its that you never show weakness when confronted by danger.
The vampires filed in laughing and joking until they caught sight of the luscious looking humans spread out before them.
"Mmmmm I can feel the heat coming from their bodies from here." A very handsome and very dangerous looking male vamp said, with a hint of a smirk o his face.
"Now, now Kindle lets not scare the poor things, it looks like we have some new blood tonight." Remarked a beautiful blond female.
"I am finally old enough to get my own to keep this time, so I think I am entitled to a little happy , fun."
Kindle laughed as he walked down the line of humans in front of him. He stopped when he got to the last one, the newest blood here.
"My my this one is fresh, I cant smell any venom on her. That means shes never been tasted. I think I may like to be the first to taste you my lovely little flower." Kindle purred at Charly as he ran his fingers down her neck.
Charly shivered with repulsion at his touch, all she could think of was how this bastard had no right to touch her, and he definitely wasn't going to bite her. Not if she had anything to say about it.
"Leave her alone Kindle she is probably scared out of her mind." Came a voice so soft and smooth it grabbed Charly's attention and made her snap her glaring gaze away from Kindle to see where it came from.
Her mind was reeling because he was gorgeous, nothing like the rest of these vamps. They were all good looking but something about this guy seemed softer.
"Whatever, Evan. You know you want to taste the new blood." Kindle remarked as he winked at Charly and walked back to the rest of the vampires.
They all mingled after that, and many broke off to separate rooms of the house to talk. Many decided to do more than talk. Others just got down to business, blood business. It looked like they were making out but Charly knew better.
Charly was standing there in the far corner hoping she wouldn't get picked. The other girls and boys there had told her that she probably would see some attention but no one would pick her to take home. Charly was hoping to not have any more attention than she already had from that Kindle guy.
Evan saw kindle making his way to Charly and cut him off.
"Your right Kindle I do want a taste of the new blood. So you will just have to wait till the next new one comes along." Evan gave Kindle a warning show of teeth then turned to address Charly.
"Sorry about him, he can be an ass when he wants. I'm Evan, whats your name?" Evan smiled so wide that Charly could see his fangs. Surprisingly she wasn't scared. Something about him.
"My name is Charly. Thank you Evan for stepping in and not letting that gross Kindle touch me again. And thanks for saving me earlier to." Charly sighed in great relief.
"Don't mention it. I just figured you were scared , but then I saw the look in your eyes and I think it was Kindle I was saving. You looked like you were going to rip his had off for touching you." Evan chuckled.
"Well I don't like to be touched without my permission." Charly said letting down some of her guard.
"Well Charly tell me about your self." Evan asked sweetly.
After about 30 minutes of talking and getting to know each other. Evan had a look on his face that startled Charly. She was surprised at how his face went from smiling and happy to so serious so quickly.
"Charly, if I don't bite you Kindle and more like him will still want to. If I do bite you, they may still want your blood but it wont be in such demand. The pure freshness will be gone once my venom is in your veins." Evan explained as sweetly as he could.
"I never thought I would say this, but Evan you have my permission to drink my blood. I can see by the look in your eyes and he way you have been fidgeting that you need to drink. So it helps us both." Charly said as she leaned her head to one side and brushed back her long auburn hair.
Evan was careful not to move to fast and startle her.He moved slowly and sank his fangs into her throat as gently as he could. He drank slowly at first but he could feel the need growing for more, he became more engulfed in his feeding as if he were making love. He was passionate about the way he held her. It was a lovers embrace.
Charly sighed, she didn't expect it to feel like this. So enticing, so alluring,and most of all so pleasurable
But how could she know what to expect, after all it was her first time.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Broken, Story of Drake Gideon Chapter One

7/19/10 7:00pm. The airplane takes off smooth no problems, no delays. I put my seat belt on just to pacify the flight attendant. I mean its not like I need it anyway. I’m immortal, I have super strength, unnatural speed…..o yeah and a incredible thirst for human blood. These pathetic humans that sit all around me have no clue what kind of monsters sit among them on this aircraft. Though I am curious about the child 3 rows up on the other side of the plane. She seems to notice me. She looks at me with a very troubled expression on her face.
The little girls mom tells her to turn around “its not polite to stare, sweetheart.” The child’s reply puzzles me “but mommy he needs to find the other piece, I have to tell him.” “Ok honey, I’m sure the flight attendant will help him. Now sit down we’re almost ready to take off.” She’s right about one thing anyway, the flight attendant is going to help me with something…..a drink perhaps (grinning inside). I flash the young lass a big toothy grin, good thing my fangs aren’t out. She smiles in return, which is expected. After all my pearly whites are indeed a sight to behold. So sexy with my soft, strong lips stretched around them. If I were to show my glorious fangs The Mona Lisa herself would blush and smile at my striking grin then scream in trepidation . Because if you are privileged as to see my fangs, then they will be the very last thing you see. Yes, my stunningly sexy smile should be registered as a lethal weapon. I know, I’m one cocky son of a bitch. But hey, if you could seduce any and every woman you want, wouldn’t you be to? Besides even as vampires go, I’m in a league of my own. I’m the only vampire ever to be born as appose to made. Not only born but born to a human mother. That I’m aware of anyway….I’ve had plenty of time to look into it over the last 200 years. Yeah I’m old, but what is age when your an immortal? Besides I’ve aged VERY gracefully, so it only adds to my arsenal of urbane weapons.
Now that we are in the air and can relax and unbuckle, I can see the stewardess strolling toward me with the drink cart. “Would you like a drink sir? It will help settle you so you can rest through the long flight.” she insisted. Yeah I believe I will have some AB positive and a side of that round firm rear end you have there. But to her I say “A bottled water will do, I really won’t need anything else intoxicating, I’m already a little drunk on your beauty alone.” Yep I’m smooth. She smiles and lets a giggle slip out as she nods toward the two seated beside me. “And for your friends?” Leander and Byron are the closest things I have to friend. Though I would almost prefer to be alone, hell I take that “almost” part back. I would prefer to be alone most of the time. They leeched them selves on to me some years back in Italy. For the most part their tolerable. Well Leander is anyway. Byron is a jackass by all rights. Cocky bastard, yeah I know, pot calling the kettle black. You just can’t have two assholes that are full of them selves together all the time. Leads to some serious ass kicking. Namely his. Which is why I tolerate him, he’s no threat I have beat him so many times its ridicules and he still never learns. One day he will go to far then well….Leander will have to do without a big brother. Hmmmm that’s a nice thought.
“I would like a Bloody Mary please.” Lee asked very politely. “Beer and a lap dance baby doll, are we a mile high yet?” Byron said ever so tastefully. She just gave him a disgusted look then smiled at me again before handed us our drinks and moved on down the isle. “Very smooth Byron, I’m sure she is swooning for you as we speak.” I never said I wasn’t a smart ass. “Well we cant all be Casanova now can we Drake?” His lazy Sinicism really bites my ass! “No we cant, but there is an art to seducing a woman and leaving her with the impression that your safe and nice so she will trust you and not make her think you’re a snake in the grass waiting to strike.” “Dumbass.”I believe in my talents as a romantic killer. At least they come quietly, and that doesn’t draw attention to me from people like police and ……other things
. Its not good to draw attention to yourself if you are a vampire. Which is one of the many reasons I have put m foot up Byron’s ass on many occasions. He isn’t careful to think ahead or be tactful about hunting.
Obviously we’re not afraid of humans but its smart to remain unnoticed and in the shadows. “Guys we are going to be on this flight for 12 hours , could we please make it to the U.S. without tearing the plane apart in mid air?” Leander always the referee. “Leander, for a vampire you are such a puss.” His loving big brother says laughing. I snorted. So he is funny sometimes, still don’t like him.
Ok which lucky little human will be my lunch today? Maybe the little girl, she is a little annoying staring at me like that. I cant believe she is still staring. No I’m to thirsty for that little appetizer. I think I want the stewardess. O man this is good shit! Ha, crap almost shot water out of my nose. “Lee look.” I point out to him what’s on the screen up front. The in-flight movie is playing and I have just now noticed what it is. “Irony is a bitch!” Laughing. “Is that what I think it is?” “Yes, yes it is. Its that movie about the sparkly vampires! That’s hilarious!” I’m not even joking, if these poor stupid humans only knew they might laugh to. Ok no they probably wouldn’t but still that’s funny as shit! I think I’m gonna fall out of my seat. The passengers were looking at us like we were crazy. Or drunk. “What are you two dumb asses laughing at?” We forgot to let Byron in on the fun. Whoops, ha. “Ok I agree funny, but not that funny. You to look retarded.” “Nobody asked you Byron. “ Seriously I’m gonna throw him out of the plane before this flight is over. To small of a space to hold both of our egos for very long. The plane may explode. “Stupid humans, I mean like vampires really sparkle. That’s crazy.” Lee really knows how to focus on the small stuff. “Well there is that of course, but I find it more crazy that they romanticize vampires so much. I mean like a vampire could really love, and especially a human of all things. It would be like them loving a cheese burger. Hilarious!” I cant help my self as I laugh some more.
To think a vamp would keep a human around like that. We cant love, even if we could it wouldn’t be a human it would be another vamp. It would just be playing with your food to keep one with you. Lust now we feel that. Hunger, thirst, anger and greed, we pretty much can handle all 7 deadly sins. Funny I know. To love takes a soul and that’s something vampires don’t have. We do have some what friendly relationships with others of our kind and we do take mates. Its more a instinctual bond though, and lust of course. Which we don’t need to mate because we cant breed. Vampires cant get pregnant. But its always to have one of your own kind you can trust and since lust is a major urge for us , not quite as strong as thirst but still pretty strong, we find ourselves pairing with the mates. A vampire is a soulless being. Most never care for anything , besides themselves. I did once though.
I cared for my human mother. She was murdered by her own kind because they thought she was a monster. That was me not her. I thought I had a soul then, because I really believed I loved my mother. If it was love it isn’t anymore. When my mother died I was only a young boy of 12 years, not yet a man. Still old enough to understand that in that instance my mother took her last breath, my soul shattered. So now I am like the rest of my kind, soulless. I have a hate and blood lust immeasurable toward humans. I only use them as play things to pleasure me and sate my thirst.
I have an massive thirst that’s incomparable to most of my kind. I must drink everyday. Most only have to drink every couple of days and they go on just fine. Though they do feed daily most of the time, but its purely for pleasure they don’t have to. I have to feed at least once every day or I become so thirsty, so hungry for blood that its hard to keep myself under control. If I go to long without feeding I eventually grow very weak. All vampires do but for me it happens much faster, its like my body burns through it faster. My need for it is stronger, but then I am stronger than most vamps. Like I said, I’m unlike any of my kind. I am the only one who knows that I’m different. I plan on keeping it that way to.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Leaving Perdition

He stared out the window waiting. Truth told, I guess we were all waiting, for a miracle.

My name is Shelby Denton, 15 years old and raising my 11 year old little brother, Gavin. We lost our parents when it all went down 5 years ago. We don't talk about it. The aftermath is this place, Perdition. That is what we named this town, this hell. By "we" I mean, myself, Gavin, and 30 children. 

Warrick, our president was an adult, a lazy, pompous ruler, who showed no mercy for children. We were treated horribly, forced to work in the corn fields. The day was the 5th anniversary of this place. I stood in the kitchen of our little, run down cabin cooking for the feast. Most of what I was cooking was corn or had corn in it. It's all we had. Gavin took a deep breath and turned to me with a half hearted smile.

"Feel the excitement in the air Shelby. Our brothers and sisters, they deserve a feast. Your cooking smells so good to." He sighed and turned back to the window watching the wind swirl golden brown leaves in the air. Fall should be beautiful. It would have been if we weren’t here.

 "I know Gavin; so do you. Too bad it’s only once a year." I shivered as the wind blew through the cracks in the wall, the cool fall air kissed my face. I closed my eyes and pretend we were somewhere else. Sometimes, I just wanted to take Gavin and run, never looking back. Then I thought of the kids.

We cooked with fire, read by candle light and survived off the land. No meat though, most of the animals were wiped out the same way our parents and the rest of the world perished. 

 I had a plan; I was going to go for help.  I would have to sneak out of Perdition. We couldn’t be the only ones left.

“Gavin, we have to go, it’s the only way to help them. We will come back. I promise.” I didn’t know if that was the truth, we might die trying.

“Are you sure there are others Shelby? What if we never find anyone?” He looked doubtful. I didn’t know, but I had to try.

“We leave once everyone is asleep.” I filled Gavin in on my plan as we waited.

The next morning I kept watch as Gavin slept under a shade tree. We travelled under the cover of night. They never sent anyone to look for us though. They just presumed us dead. No kids could survive out there alone. We only stopped for sleep. We had to move fast and get as far as we could before we ran out of supplies.

Three days and we were forced to stop. Gavin had a cut on his hand that looked really bad. I might have passed out at any moment, from exhaustion. It didn’t  matter by then anyway. We were out of food and water completely.

“So, this is it isn’t it Shelby? We’re going to die. We failed.” His words came out as a whisper. He was weak.

“We are just resting Gavin, we are almost there. Don’t give up.” My throat hurt but I had to reassure him. I was already convinced of our doom. “Tomorrow we will find help. You did great Gavin.”

“Shelby I see a light. What is it?”

“I don’t know, but it is beautiful.” Maybe it was heaven. “What is that sound?”  

“Shelby, it’s a plane! We are saved!” That time he was a little louder.

“Gavin, that’s crazy it couldn’t be. No one has even seen one since….you know.” “But it does kind of sound like one, doesn’t it?” I must have been delirious.

A plane landed next to us. It was beautiful, like a huge angle swooping down to save us. Could that be? There were no more fossil fuels. I managed to sit up and I could see a big red maple leaf on the side of the plane.

“ Is that Canada?” I gasped in shock.

“Hello, are you okay? We have food and medical supplies are you in need of them.” That voice was an adult male. With a French accent,  the most glorious thing I’d ever heard.

“Yes please, my brother, his hand is infected. Help him please!” I pleaded.

“ Yes ma’am .” He smiled.

“A plane? What are you using for fuel? Are you really from Canada?” I had a million questions. While we flew north, I quizzed him on everything. 

 Canada wasn’t hit as hard as the rest of us. They did lose power for a while, but they fixed it. It just took time. They found the plane, it was so old, no one bothered to use it 5 years ago, so it survived just like us.  They used corn, for fuel. Did you hear that?  They used corn. That’s crazy.

Now they go on rescue missions to find survivors. When they found us they had already rescued 15 other people.

I told my heroes about Perdition and how they mistreat children. We made a fast U turn and...

”Hold on kids, a miracle is on the way!”  I felt tears roll down my face as I gave in to exhaustion. Tomorrow would be a brand new life.




Saturday, October 9, 2010

With A Twist

“Man I just can’t do it!”  I am so frustrated I can’t help but blurt it out loud. I have been working on tooth extraction for a month now and I can’t seem to get the tooth pulled with out causing the patient to scream and come up out of the chair in pain. I’ve been working with Dr. Cannon for about three weeks now and he is trying to help but I just keep hurting my patients. Good thing my patients are getting it done for free.  Becoming a dentist isn’t easy, a lot of free hours have to be logged, with a licenced dentist by your side of course.

“Take it easy Jordon, just relax and focus.” “All I do differently is have my patients with a twist.” His strong accent makes it hard to draw out the meaning of his words sometimes.

“You mean you give the tooth a twist when your pulling it.” I correct him. 

“Sure.” He smiled at  his patient in the chair. “You just have to get them to relax and put complete trust
in you. Then you have them with a twist.”  He says it wrong again.  But I just ignore it, I mean how many times can I correct his grammar before he gets annoyed with me and stops helping me work on tooth extractions? Besides I get what he is trying to say. At least I think I do anyway.

“Okay, so just get them to relax and trust me, then pull the tooth while giving It a little twist?”  Can’t be that hard. 

I go home for the evening  and pull out my dental books and my lap top and study some more. The phone rings after I’ve been at it for about 3 hours. As I glance at the clock and see its 11:00pm I’m curious as to who would be calling at this time of night.


“Meet me at my office in one hour, I know how to help you be more like me.” Dr. Cannon sounded a little excited. “You will never have problems with tooth extractions again!” No, he sounded A LOT excited!

An hour later I stand in Dr. Cannon’s office waiting on him to show me this fantastic trick he knows to make it all so easy for me.

“So Dr. Cannon, its kind of late don’t you think?” I’m very grateful but I’m ready to get on with it. “Its some small step I’ve been over looking isn’t it?” I just know its some trade secret that he knows.

“No Jordan, its as simple as I said. You just have to have your patients with a twist.” He replies with a very wide smile on his face.

“Okay, I know your English isn’t perfect but your using that sentence wrong. I think you mean to give their tooth a twist.” I’m a little frustrated and tired so It comes out a little snappy.

“Your wrong  my friend. I ment what I said, “with a twist” and I will show you.” He opened the door to one of his exam rooms and there was a patient in the dental chair. He looked like he was asleep or in a coma, or something.  “Relax its just sleeping gas, and he volunteered because his tooth was hurting so badly. Actually it was his idea. Poor man was hurting so bad I had to help him.” Dr. Cannon had a strange look in his eyes, as he stared at the patient.
“Hand me that lemon behind you on the counter.” He looked at me very seriously.  “Now watch as I show you.” He shot me a quick glance out of the corner of his eyes as he turned toward the man in the chair. He took the lemon wedge and held it to the man’s neck and squeezed it till lemon juice ran down the patients neck. I am lost so far, I don’t see how that would help at all.

“Watch closely Jordon.” He leaned down to the patient in the chair. I thought at first that he was kissing his neck. Then I saw the tiniest little trickle of blood start to run down the shoulder. Fast as lightening Dr. Cannon, or who ever he really is, caught the blood with a napkin. No mess at all.

“I think I should leave, maybe you need some privacy. I’ll just go.” I tried to take a few steps back out of the room but when I turned to face the door, Dr. Cannon was between me and the door. “What the Hell are you!” “Let me out!” I was starting to panic now.

“My dear Jordan, relax he is not dead, nor is he seriously wounded.” “But he will remember nothing in the morning and I pulled out the tooth.” “He would have woke up from the sleeping gas with a lot of pain, but not now.” Dr. Cannon smiled very widely. “His tooth would have left a open cavity in the gums that would have to heal over time and be painful to him. Now it is completely healed already, thanks to my venom.” “You see it serves to purposes, his to get the tooth and the pain gone. Mine to sate my thirst for blood, and be a good, and well liked dentist.” He looked at me as if he really wanted me to understand and see his point.  The scary part is I did.

“So, okay I get how you are so good at being a dentist and why they all love you, because they never feel any pain.” “But how does that help me?” The answer slaps me right in the face as soon as the question comes out of my mouth. “Your going to make me like you?” “That’s it isn’t it?” I am shaking so hard I have to sit down.

“Only if you want it Jordan.” He states matter of factly.

I swallow hard. Then like some crazy punch line, I get it. Laughing so hard I can barley speak, either from the irony or the fact that I’m scared out of my mind, I look up at my mentor. My blood sucking mentor.

“I get it, you have your patients with a twist! A lemon twist!” Laughing so hard I had tears in my eyes. “I guess your English isn’t as bad as I thought.”