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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Broken, Story of Drake Gideon Chapter One

7/19/10 7:00pm. The airplane takes off smooth no problems, no delays. I put my seat belt on just to pacify the flight attendant. I mean its not like I need it anyway. I’m immortal, I have super strength, unnatural speed…..o yeah and a incredible thirst for human blood. These pathetic humans that sit all around me have no clue what kind of monsters sit among them on this aircraft. Though I am curious about the child 3 rows up on the other side of the plane. She seems to notice me. She looks at me with a very troubled expression on her face.
The little girls mom tells her to turn around “its not polite to stare, sweetheart.” The child’s reply puzzles me “but mommy he needs to find the other piece, I have to tell him.” “Ok honey, I’m sure the flight attendant will help him. Now sit down we’re almost ready to take off.” She’s right about one thing anyway, the flight attendant is going to help me with something…..a drink perhaps (grinning inside). I flash the young lass a big toothy grin, good thing my fangs aren’t out. She smiles in return, which is expected. After all my pearly whites are indeed a sight to behold. So sexy with my soft, strong lips stretched around them. If I were to show my glorious fangs The Mona Lisa herself would blush and smile at my striking grin then scream in trepidation . Because if you are privileged as to see my fangs, then they will be the very last thing you see. Yes, my stunningly sexy smile should be registered as a lethal weapon. I know, I’m one cocky son of a bitch. But hey, if you could seduce any and every woman you want, wouldn’t you be to? Besides even as vampires go, I’m in a league of my own. I’m the only vampire ever to be born as appose to made. Not only born but born to a human mother. That I’m aware of anyway….I’ve had plenty of time to look into it over the last 200 years. Yeah I’m old, but what is age when your an immortal? Besides I’ve aged VERY gracefully, so it only adds to my arsenal of urbane weapons.
Now that we are in the air and can relax and unbuckle, I can see the stewardess strolling toward me with the drink cart. “Would you like a drink sir? It will help settle you so you can rest through the long flight.” she insisted. Yeah I believe I will have some AB positive and a side of that round firm rear end you have there. But to her I say “A bottled water will do, I really won’t need anything else intoxicating, I’m already a little drunk on your beauty alone.” Yep I’m smooth. She smiles and lets a giggle slip out as she nods toward the two seated beside me. “And for your friends?” Leander and Byron are the closest things I have to friend. Though I would almost prefer to be alone, hell I take that “almost” part back. I would prefer to be alone most of the time. They leeched them selves on to me some years back in Italy. For the most part their tolerable. Well Leander is anyway. Byron is a jackass by all rights. Cocky bastard, yeah I know, pot calling the kettle black. You just can’t have two assholes that are full of them selves together all the time. Leads to some serious ass kicking. Namely his. Which is why I tolerate him, he’s no threat I have beat him so many times its ridicules and he still never learns. One day he will go to far then well….Leander will have to do without a big brother. Hmmmm that’s a nice thought.
“I would like a Bloody Mary please.” Lee asked very politely. “Beer and a lap dance baby doll, are we a mile high yet?” Byron said ever so tastefully. She just gave him a disgusted look then smiled at me again before handed us our drinks and moved on down the isle. “Very smooth Byron, I’m sure she is swooning for you as we speak.” I never said I wasn’t a smart ass. “Well we cant all be Casanova now can we Drake?” His lazy Sinicism really bites my ass! “No we cant, but there is an art to seducing a woman and leaving her with the impression that your safe and nice so she will trust you and not make her think you’re a snake in the grass waiting to strike.” “Dumbass.”I believe in my talents as a romantic killer. At least they come quietly, and that doesn’t draw attention to me from people like police and ……other things
. Its not good to draw attention to yourself if you are a vampire. Which is one of the many reasons I have put m foot up Byron’s ass on many occasions. He isn’t careful to think ahead or be tactful about hunting.
Obviously we’re not afraid of humans but its smart to remain unnoticed and in the shadows. “Guys we are going to be on this flight for 12 hours , could we please make it to the U.S. without tearing the plane apart in mid air?” Leander always the referee. “Leander, for a vampire you are such a puss.” His loving big brother says laughing. I snorted. So he is funny sometimes, still don’t like him.
Ok which lucky little human will be my lunch today? Maybe the little girl, she is a little annoying staring at me like that. I cant believe she is still staring. No I’m to thirsty for that little appetizer. I think I want the stewardess. O man this is good shit! Ha, crap almost shot water out of my nose. “Lee look.” I point out to him what’s on the screen up front. The in-flight movie is playing and I have just now noticed what it is. “Irony is a bitch!” Laughing. “Is that what I think it is?” “Yes, yes it is. Its that movie about the sparkly vampires! That’s hilarious!” I’m not even joking, if these poor stupid humans only knew they might laugh to. Ok no they probably wouldn’t but still that’s funny as shit! I think I’m gonna fall out of my seat. The passengers were looking at us like we were crazy. Or drunk. “What are you two dumb asses laughing at?” We forgot to let Byron in on the fun. Whoops, ha. “Ok I agree funny, but not that funny. You to look retarded.” “Nobody asked you Byron. “ Seriously I’m gonna throw him out of the plane before this flight is over. To small of a space to hold both of our egos for very long. The plane may explode. “Stupid humans, I mean like vampires really sparkle. That’s crazy.” Lee really knows how to focus on the small stuff. “Well there is that of course, but I find it more crazy that they romanticize vampires so much. I mean like a vampire could really love, and especially a human of all things. It would be like them loving a cheese burger. Hilarious!” I cant help my self as I laugh some more.
To think a vamp would keep a human around like that. We cant love, even if we could it wouldn’t be a human it would be another vamp. It would just be playing with your food to keep one with you. Lust now we feel that. Hunger, thirst, anger and greed, we pretty much can handle all 7 deadly sins. Funny I know. To love takes a soul and that’s something vampires don’t have. We do have some what friendly relationships with others of our kind and we do take mates. Its more a instinctual bond though, and lust of course. Which we don’t need to mate because we cant breed. Vampires cant get pregnant. But its always to have one of your own kind you can trust and since lust is a major urge for us , not quite as strong as thirst but still pretty strong, we find ourselves pairing with the mates. A vampire is a soulless being. Most never care for anything , besides themselves. I did once though.
I cared for my human mother. She was murdered by her own kind because they thought she was a monster. That was me not her. I thought I had a soul then, because I really believed I loved my mother. If it was love it isn’t anymore. When my mother died I was only a young boy of 12 years, not yet a man. Still old enough to understand that in that instance my mother took her last breath, my soul shattered. So now I am like the rest of my kind, soulless. I have a hate and blood lust immeasurable toward humans. I only use them as play things to pleasure me and sate my thirst.
I have an massive thirst that’s incomparable to most of my kind. I must drink everyday. Most only have to drink every couple of days and they go on just fine. Though they do feed daily most of the time, but its purely for pleasure they don’t have to. I have to feed at least once every day or I become so thirsty, so hungry for blood that its hard to keep myself under control. If I go to long without feeding I eventually grow very weak. All vampires do but for me it happens much faster, its like my body burns through it faster. My need for it is stronger, but then I am stronger than most vamps. Like I said, I’m unlike any of my kind. I am the only one who knows that I’m different. I plan on keeping it that way to.

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