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Friday, October 22, 2010

Broken, Story of Drake Gideon Chapter Two

I feel my need growing , I’m thirsty. Its time to work my substantial seductive magic on a helpless victim. I grin in spite of myself, cause I love the thrill of seducing my prey, the hunt, the blood and the kill. I was born for it, literally. “I believe its time to have a little fun boys. I m very hungry and that flight attendant looks good enough to eat.” I turn and fix my sizzling stare on the blonde stewardess.
“Excuse me…miss?”
I see Byron go after a pretty young brunette sitting in the back by her self as I m being pulled into the air plane restroom. My little blonde stewardess can barley contain herself as we shut the door behind us. Women are so easily seduced. Who am I to judge though, after all I am a sexy fiend! I have to say a restroom isn’t my usual place to eat but theirs not many choices on a plane so I can deal, just this once. She grabs me by my belt loop and pulls me close to her. The little skirt she wears as a part of the uniform leaves a lot of easy access. I could have ripped the whole thing off with my teeth before she had time to gasp. I like to play with my food first though. So I sat her on the sink and ripped open the front of her blouse. She moans with pleasure as my hands brush her hair off of her shoulder exposing her neck fully. I breath my delicious breath on her parted lips as I softly kiss her.
Its tantalizing and she can hardly control herself. She wants me more than her next breath, she cant resist my allure. It gives me power over her, she will bend to my every will. My every wish. It’s a very empowering thing, and I revel in it. To have any woman literally swoon at the sent or touch of my breath. That and my killer good look (to die for), how the hell does any woman stand a chance? (laughing in my mind) They don’t. As my irresistible breath washes over her she starts to tremble. She is so overwhelmed with pleasure and desire, she can hardly stand. Her knees begin to buckle underneath her. I catch her as her legs completely give way. In one fluid motion, I pick her up and set her on the sink. I m ready to satisfy my thirst now. She will feel some pain, mostly for the human its pure sexual bliss to be fed upon by a vampire. As a vampire who has killed thousands with my insatiable thirst I can tell you its not the same for the hunter as it is for the prey. Yes I do enjoy my meals very much but its only so delicious because it soothes the thirst. It is a very release from the torture of being thirsty. Its bliss in its on way.
I sink my fangs in her throat just below her ear and a little toward the back of her neck. Just the perfect spot for a good hold, and a good drink. “Ahh…..uuh!” My little prey gasps as my extremely sharp fangs break through the skin and sink into the soft tissue and muscles of her throat. It always makes a little “pop” when it punctures through. Music to my ears. “Mmmmm.” I cant help the low rumble that’s escaping me. Te bitter sweetness of warm , thick , delicious goodness. It fills my mouth and slides down my throat and is gloriously soothing! Its like putting out a raging inferno. I take larger gulps as my thirst is strong and it takes a large quantity to relieve me. “O…my…o!” The girl is loving every second, and with each second her life is running out. “Ahhh.” She can’t even hold her head up now. She is slowly dying, as I drain her life away.
It’s very rare that I can stop myself before killing my helpless prey. Good thing I don’t really care anyway. I only leave one alive when it is necessary, to keep my existence concealed. Discreetness is the only reason I even try to leave one alive. Unfortunately for this little blonde, we are about to land soon and I will be long gone before anyone finds her body and my fang wounds will heal and disappear just as quickly. I can feel her slipping away. She clings to me helplessly and soundlessly now. She hasn’t the strength to even cry out even if she wanted to. Just a few more seconds and her life will be over. A small numbered amount of beats and her heart will stop.
I am already thinking of my next meal wondering if I will find a good red head in the U.S. to seduce. Their my favorite, I think its because their usually feisty. “AHHHHHHHH!!! Shit, what the hell?!” I instantly drop the girl and she slumps down into the corner still on the sink. My heart feels like it has been staked. I don’t see anything, no stab wound nor is their anyone in the restroom with us who could have done anything to me. “What’s wrong with me?” I can only think of one time I’ve felt anything like this, but that was so long ago how could I feel that pain now? Pain isn’t something that concerns me, We vamps don’t feel much pain. Unless it is a stake or a head or limb cut off. That we can feel. This isn’t right , something’s going on. “I’m going crazy. I cant be feeling pain. I have no soul.” I look down at the girl , she is still breathing. With that thought the pain slowly starts fading. Its gone, just as quickly as it came. I think I’m losing it. Leaving me to ponder, WTF?
I take a look in the mirror just to be sure their isn’t a freakin stake in my chest. Nope, just me and my open shirt showing my seriously sculpted pecks, and beautiful flat stomach. No 6 pack or major ripples. I prefer to keep it natural looking. My many female vamp friends over the years have complimented me on not looking like a muscle bound meat head. I aim to please. My jeans are still on, she couldn’t unbutton them, once my breath touched her neck she was like jelly. But my shirt is all untucked and unbuttoned. “Damnit! My favorite shirt. It will take forever to find another that goes so well with my emerald green eyes.” Seriously, you would think it would be easy to find good clothing for me. I’m average height, 5’ 10” and medium build. But I am also very picky. It isn’t easy being this sexy. Even in times of ciaos I can appreciate the beauty of me.
I fix my gorgeous auburn hair and tuck in my shirt even though all the buttons are torn off. It still looks a little less suspicious. Hope my smoking hot chest don’t kill anyone on the way back to my seat. I wouldn’t want to waste any perfectly good food. I give my self a sly grin in the mirror and pick up the girl and set her on the toilet. She slumps in the corner, and I slip out, lock the door behind me, and stroll back to my seat. Feeling less thirsty but not quite full. I know it wont last to long, then I will have to feed again, and again. Still…..I cant shake he feeling I had in the restroom. Like someone was driving something through my heart. It has unnerved me, to feel pain like that, but I will tell no one it’s a weakness and Byron wouldn’t think twice about using it to his advantage. So I push it down deep and forget about it. As I take my seat I see the “Please fasten seatbelts” sign. Finally we are going to land in he U.S. I hope Southern folk are friendly. (laughing)
“I like airplane meals, I don’t know why people always complain about it. How bout you boys?”
We start filing off the plane and I pass the little girl. She was watching the flight attendants look around like they lost something. Oops, probably a coworker. I give the little girl a wink and a wide gallant smile. I can’t believe my eyes when she gives me a look like I stole her last cookie and starts toward me at a run. I almost turn and bolt myself. What the hell is she doing! Crazy kid! She grabs my leg in a big hug and squeezes tight. WTF do I do? I’m dumbfounded. In all my many, many years I have never not known what to do. All I can think is to throw my hands in the air and ask her what she is doing? “whoa! What are you doing kid? A little help here?” I look around for help, hoping her mother will see and come to my rescue. I don’t like this the girl should be afraid of me not hugging me. Hell I don’t need anyone thinking I’m trying to take off with a kid. That would be way to much attention for my liking.
“That little girl is freakin strange!”
I remark to Lee and Byron after the mom has successfully pried the little girl off my shin. “Maybe its your animal magnetism Drake , your irresistible remember?” Byron’s smart ass is on my last nerves now, that’s strike 1. At three I will make him wish he was a human so he could at least die to get the pain over. Leander is hiding his face so I cant see him chuckle at the smart remark. Like I cant hear him. (Rolling my eyes at Lee) “ You’ll pay for that you sarcastic son of a bitch!” I honestly cant wait to put my foot up his ass!
I know they did the same, only their victims are for sure dead. Mine should be. No matter, she won’t remember anything anyway. Maybe I can finish my little meal on our return flight if we decide to return. “Mine was very juicy for a older woman, like fine wine their better with a little age on them.” Byron said “I think I prefer my meals on the ground, it just settles better.” Leander said with a rather somber look on his face. “Geeez Lee you look pale even for a vampire (laughing) don’t tell me you have motion sickness. Is that even possible?” I cant help but chuckle at him I have never met another vampire like him. He is so fragile, in a innocent kind of way (as innocent as a vampire can be).
I rise up out of my seat and at the same instant, move smoothly over to her and brush my hand down her arm. “I’m extremely satisfied with the service I have received on this flight. But I would like to speak to you in private if that’s ok.” As I say the last few words I lean in and bring my face close to her ear and neck. I breath my cool sweet breath on her skin and she shivers with a sigh of pleasure. My breath is an enticing weapon, when used on women they crumble at my feet. One breath on their bare skin and all they can think about is me, and how they have to be closer to me. “Follow me, I know somewhere we can be alone.” She says breathlessly, as she pulls me along the plane heading toward the rear. I glance behind me and wink at Lee and he just smiles and shakes his head. He looks up to me the poor little shit. I guess that’s part of the reason me and Byron don’t get along well. Leander sees how insatiable I am, how powerful and commanding. He wants to be that to. So Byron is jealous of that, he wants his little brother to look up to him instead. I cant say that I blame him for being jealous, I am hard to compete with, looks , suaveness, and a master killer. Who wouldn’t wanna be like me instead of Byron?

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