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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Broken, Story of Drake Gideon Chapter Three

Its 7:36am when we finally get our luggage off the turn belt and walk out of the airport. We hurry to get a cab and get out of the sun.

"I’m so ready to crash this, sun is draining me pretty bad.” Byron moans and groans like a little baby.

 “Awww the poor little baby. You want some sun block to protect your pretty little baby face?” Yeah that was funny. Leander is snickering so hard he is shaking the seat of the cab.

What I cant say is that the sun is probably draining me a whole lot worse than it is him. I’ve always been stronger, than any other vampires I’ve come across. I have also always needed to feed more often than any others. I have the gift of my sweet breath, I’m not aware of any other vampires with such a gift. But another down is the sun, it affects us all but it weakens me more, and faster. I cant stay in the sun for more than a couple hours a day. Most can go all day if they really wanted to and just be very drained and exhausted by the end of the day. I would be dead a whole day.

At least that’s how it feels , I cant be sure because it is so uncomfortable that I have only pushed it to test one and a half hour. After that day it took me 24 hours and several humans to regain full strength. So I assume a full day would probably kill me. Hope I never have to test that theory.

 Another reason we don’t go out in the sun much is our eyes. They have these little red flecks in them from so much blood consumption over the years and the sun reflects off the red making them shine. So mine get pretty freakin bright, but a newbie like Leander wouldn’t be as bright, he hasn’t consumed nearly as much blood as I. We are naturally nocturnal anyway so the sun is bright on our eyes. Because we don’t go out in it very often and because we are technically dead, or undead.

Our skin is so pale it would really be noticeable. The night is the solution. Its not visible at night or in artificial light, but in the sun our eyes shine brightly with the red flecks. My eyes are dark emerald green and with the red flecks shining I look miraculous. The soft weak little humans would notice this and we would hate to scare off our prey. Plus it would start a panic among the humans, they simply couldn’t handle it. So the night just works best on so many levels, plus I love the night . Its home.

Finally we arrive at the hotel and check in. I am so ready for some sleep. Yes vampires do sleep. We have to as much as humans, maybe even more if we’ve been in the sun any and need extra rest. We are on a two day lay over in the south while we wait to catch a plane to our destination of VEGAS! Yeah Vegas is where we decided to go and do some gambling and have a little fun. Cut loose. Hey vampires have to have a vacation to. So while we rest the humans out side go about their business in the sun so unaware of he monsters only 6 floors up. Just wait till dark. I’m already hungry, and I cant wait to scout the new hunting grounds.

At dusk we wake and I am starving. As I kicked Byron in the side of the hip, “Up and at em dip shit! Time to put on your pretty face.” I love tormenting him. “I swear you could sleep through a hurricane Lee. Hello! Wake up!” I rolled him off of the half bed onto the floor. He hit with a thud and I swear he bounced two inches.

 ( laughing) “Oooo that’s freakin hilarious!” Leander starts to rant and rave till he looks up and sees me standing over him. “O, hey Drake. Sorry I was pretty wiped dude.”
“What the hell man?”
 Byron wines. “ I mean were in the south right? (in a mock southern draw) ain’t they got some ho downs or something?”
“Lets find some action in this dinky little city.”

We take off into the city and keep to the shadows as much as possible. Less noticeable and we have to watch our backs. We’re on someone else’s territory. No doubt someone has claimed this city as their hunting grounds.

 “Stick together and keep your eyes peeled. We are gonna be severely out numbered here. Lets just hope they are willing to share for a few days.” I am the designated leader of our little clan. For good reason I’m the oldest, most experienced by far. So what I say is for all of our benefit.

Byron teased.
“The almighty Drake! What’s the matter Drakey I thought you could take on a whole army by yourself?

I will deal with you later, we have company.” I cautioned. “You pompous ass! (snarling under my breath).”

Both turned their heads instantly looking the same direction I was . Ok time to lead and insure our safe stay in the city. I must also get permission to hunt here. A tall , burly looking man , stepped out of the shadows.

 “Explain your selves, quickly. I have no time for this."


  1. I think this is good. This is definatly book worthy.

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